Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Civility is the new Censorship"

The article title was taken from an episode of the Rush Limbaugh show, and I can't agree more with that assessment.  Liberals will use anything, even the tragic events that occurred in Arizona, to advance not only their radical agenda, but also their all out war on the truth over our Nation's airwaves.  They can't stop the Conservative news media by normal means, because they cannot stop a willing consumer from consuming what they want.  All attempts by Liberals to counter Conservative talk radio have been spectacular failures, and Fox news now dominates the cable news segments by virtually immeasurable margins.  So what's a "good" liberal control freak to do?  Why, with a never ending stream of "talk radio has created a lack of civility and therefore must be regulated (read: censored)" stories.  That's right:  in typical Alisky fashion, the liberals accuse the Conservatives of crimes that they themselves are guilty of.  I could name examples, but they are there for everyone to see.  Liberals are nothing but yappy hypocrites who can't deal with losing, and must resort to name calling and cheating to trick people.  The tea-party, the internet and talk radio are all evidence that they can't get away with it anymore.  But it's fun to watch them try....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011